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Evolve IP Named Preferred Provider of Managed Technology Services by Eastern Technology Council

Company selected as the exclusive “Preferred Provider” of advanced managed telephony, network, security and other services to ETC member companies

WAYNE, Pa.—June 2, 2008—Evolve IP today announced that it has been selected by the Eastern Technology Council as the exclusive “Preferred Provider” of managed technology services to its members, including Hosted PBX, Hosted Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Data Back Up and Recovery, Managed Voice and Data Network Services, Network Security and Compliance Services and other telecommunications services.

“Evolve IP and its leaders have had a long-standing relationship with the Eastern Technology Council, and value it as a key resource for public and private companies of all sizes along the East Coast,” says Thomas Gravina, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Evolve IP. “The business needs of its members and the technologies they use to communicate have changed dramatically in recent years and Evolve IP is the only provider bringing unique solutions to market to help companies address these changes. Through this partnership, Evolve IP will now be able to offer ETC members exclusive opportunities to enhance their communications and profitability with managed technology services.”

Evolve IP’s Managed Technology Services will deliver a new way for the Council’s members to purchase, manage, and secure the technologies they use to communicate and process information. The company’s suite of Managed Telephony, Managed Network Services, Network Security & Compliance Services, and Hosted Applications will be offered to Council members at an exclusive price, enabling them to achieve superior reliability, scalability and flexibility in their business network and communications infrastructures.
The Eastern Technology Council serves leaders of more than 700 technology and life sciences companies by providing valuable contacts, capital, information and education, through a wide variety of events, publications, and innovative services. To help its member companies preserve capital and reduce the fundamental expenses associated with running a business, it offers Council-negotiated discounts from select preferred providers on the East Coast.

“We are thrilled to partner with Evolve IP and offer our valued members a way to lower the total cost of ownership of their telephony and network infrastructure,” says Dianne Strunk, CEO of the Eastern Technology Council. “Evolve IP’s managed technology services not only deliver enterprise-class benefits to business customers, they are also supported by some of the top experts in Hosted Telephony, Network Management and Security in the region. Under Evolve IP’s managed services, guidance and expertise, our members will be able to simplify their communications, increase productivity, improve network stability and security, and, most importantly, focus on their core business objectives.”

Evolve IP is a Managed Technology Provider that has created a new way for businesses to purchase, manage, and secure the technologies they use to communicate. With a broad range of expertise and a suite of services that includes Managed Telephony, Managed Network Services, Network Security & Compliance Services, and Hosted Applications, Evolve IP can partner with businesses of all sizes to provide a complete solution to turn their vital communications technologies into a competitive advantage. Evolve IP enables today’s workforce to realize increased productivity through feature-rich service offerings and significantly improved security and stability achieved through geographically diverse Technology Centers and 24x7 professional management, all of which is delivered with greater simplification and a lower Total Cost of Ownership. More information about Evolve IP is available on the Web at



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